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 Renewal History (MAY 2012)

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Renewal History (MAY 2012) Empty
PostSubject: Renewal History (MAY 2012)   Renewal History (MAY 2012) EmptyMon 28 May 2012, 01:20

MAY 28, 2012:

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Bus Drawing additional︰
Hong Kong - Kowloon Motor Bus
LEYLAND Olympian Walter Alexander RH 11M Renewal History (MAY 2012) Ritzy10.
LEYLAND Olympian Walter Alexander RH 11M Renewal History (MAY 2012) Ritzy10.

Government/War Aircraft Drawing additional︰
United States Air Force - VC-25A.

Ship Drawing additional︰
Hong Kong - Shun Tak-China Travel Ship
BOEING 929-100 "MADEIRA" Renewal History (MAY 2012) Classi10.
BOEING 929-115 "CACILHAS" Renewal History (MAY 2012) Classi10.

Train Drawing additional︰
Japan - East Japan Railway
(MUE-Train) Series 209 Multipurpose Experimental Train.
(MUE-Train) Series 209 Multipurpose Experimental Train (Phase 2).

Printable TransPNG additional︰
(PT16) Kowloon Motor Bus Leyland Olympian Non-Aircond Bus.

Signature Graphic additional︰
Volume 6
SG131 - Kowloon Motor Bus (8 ).
SG132 - Kowloon Motor Bus (9).
SG133 - Kowloon Motor Bus (10).
SG134 - Kowloon Motor Bus (11).
SG135 - Kowloon Motor Bus (12).

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Renewal History (MAY 2012)
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